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11 Jan
The Exponential Organization ExO concepts and the model of the firm…

  Integrating the ExO concepts into a new working model for companies… Author: M. Antonio Manterola B. We´re seeing an exponential growth of new technologies, with huge impacts in business and in our daily lives. This represents a significant opportunity for all types of companies, especially for those operating in the turmoil where several new...

24 Dec
KONCEPT Bulletin Dec.2020

  KONCEPT Management Consulting Newsletter (

12 Dec
Another 5-Star Customer review for KONCEPT!

KONCEPT receives another 5-Star Customer performance review for it´s management consulting services! We´re grateful to all the companies that have trusted our professional work in these 20+ years!   Clutch is a well known B2B company that provides ratings and reviews for the best service providers in the industry. Their website is...

28 Oct
KONCEPT Bulletin Nov.2020

Innovation & Technology based business News Magazine

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6 Oct
KONCEPT Bulletin Oct.2020

Innovation & Technology based business News Magazine  

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7 May
Entrpreneurship in IoT: The needs of our “customers persona”…

“New business using IoT Technologies”: Module 3: The needs of our “customers persona”… (Video in Spanish) In B2C business, what are the basic needs of our customers…? This information is key in shaping our business, our products and our services… Lecture presented at the Instituto 3IE, Valparaíso, Chile on Jan2018. @Instituto3IE @redmentoring #RedMentores3IE #3IE

18 Mar
Technological waves and IoT

IoT:  Some thoughts on technology, technological waves and entrepreneurship (Video in Spanish)

2 Aug

Excelente artículo de Zygi Krupskis et al (Board of Innovation) 24 Aug 2017! La propuesta de valor formulada en una sola frase…! 10-steps-to-build-awesome-business-ideas

26 Feb
Tiny robots to exhibit insect-like behavior

The Lemelson-MIT program will encourage work in microbotics, awarding funds for further development of “robot ants” (1 inch3 in volume) to create “swarms” of larger robots designed to act in a coordinated fashion like bees that could someday tackle dirty, dangerous, or dull tasks that humans avoid. 26.Feb.2003 MSNBC News, Science & Technology

25 Feb
Nanotechnology reaches 30-nm images with nano-imprint lithography

Motorola Inc. has disclosed new details about its internal nano-imprint lithography program, claiming it has demonstrated the ability to print feature sizes down to 30-nm with a tool from a U.S. startup Molecular Imprints Inc. (MII, Austin, Texas). This demonstrates the feasibility of nano-imprint lithography in future device production. 25.Feb.2003 Semiconductor Business News

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