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28 Aug
KONCEPT News Bulletin Jul.2021

K Boletín Jul.2021 Management Consulting Newsletter

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15 Jun
KONCEPT Webinar “Scenario Planning”

K WW Webinar 17jun2021 AND NOW WHAT…? HOW TO FORESEE POSSIBLE FUTURES FOR CHILE… The recent elections in Chile mean that all of us will experience significant changesin the next few years, as citizens, companies, institutions, NGOs or governmentagencies. Scenario planning is a powerful method used around the world to visualize how“future landscapes” could realistically...

K Bol Portada2 Mar2021
15 May
KONCEPT News Bulletin Mar.2021

K Boletín Ene.2021 Novedades en Gestión de Negocios de Innovación y Tecnología

26 Jan
KONCEPT News Bulletin Jan.2021

K Boletín Ene.2021 Novedades en Gestión de Negocios de Innovación y Tecnología KONCEPT Management Consulting Newsletter Jan2021 Prnt Version

ExO model of the firm
11 Jan
The Exponential Organization ExO concepts and the model of the firm…

  Integrating the ExO concepts into a new working model for companies… Author: M. Antonio Manterola B. We´re seeing an exponential growth of new technologies, with huge impacts in business and in our daily lives. This represents a significant opportunity for all types of companies, especially for those operating in the turmoil where several new...

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28 Oct
KONCEPT Bulletin Nov.2020

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7 May
Entrpreneurship in IoT: The needs of our “customers persona”…

“New business using IoT Technologies”: Module 3: The needs of our “customers persona”… (Video in Spanish) In B2C business, what are the basic needs of our customers…? This information is key in shaping our business, our products and our services… Lecture presented at the Instituto 3IE, Valparaíso, Chile on Jan2018. @Instituto3IE @redmentoring #RedMentores3IE #3IE

Modelos IoT Introducción
18 Mar
Technological waves and IoT

IoT:  Some thoughts on technology, technological waves and entrepreneurship (Video in Spanish)