20+ years of experience working closely with company processes, structures and projects in technology and innovation.

30+ years of experience in design development and commercialization of high technology equipment and systems for scientific, military and industrial applications of your service!

Management consulting

Strengthening  your company performance, structures and processes and your product performance in the markets using improved innovation practices and methodologies.

  • Development of the corporate governance
  • New business developments
  • Development of business processes
  • Development of new products.
Business development

Analysis of current and future business with structured tools to determine the impact, scope and coverage of offerings, as well as the obsolescence of technologies.

  • Strategic focus and company alignment (vision, mission, purpose)
  • Positioning and competitive strategy
  • Assessment of innovation and technology based business
  • Formulation of value proposals and business models
  • Market penetration strategies
  • Technical auditing of design, development and documentation projects
Product development

Strengthening the design of new or existing products, structured analysis of functionality and life cycle, identifying and incorporating technological improvements.

  • Structured analysis of requirements and functional specifications
  • Selection and validation of technologies
  • Functional design of new products and services
  • Functional design review of electronics & instrumentation systems
  • Design of tests for laboratory and field validation
Development of business processes

Systematic analysis of the competitiveness and producitity of your company and of your medium to long term business potential adoption of new business processes and technologies.

 • Characterization and diagnosis of business processes.
• Design and reenginering of business processes.
• Strengthening of innovation processes and structures.
• Design and development project management.
• Management of innovation projects.
• Annual agenda and procedures of boards of directors.

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