Workshops and seminars for C-Suite managers and executives in business, innovation and technology management.

Structured business processes, project management practices, design and development techniques for new products and services, preparation of commercial and technical proposals.
• Winning proposals.
• Management of innovation and technology intensive projects.
• Applying structured standards to the management of SMEs.

“Applying structured standards to the management of SMEs”

The logical path for strengthering the management of small and medium sized companies.
A very simple and practical way of managing the key processes of a company, focusing on the business and not in the documentation processes. The Lean ISO 9000 concepts developed in the new Chilean standard Nch2909 for SME management consitute a solid, attainable and sustainable basics for achieving competitive strength in your business.

Management of innovation and technology projects

In your design, development and innovation projects…
• Are you delivering as per the specitifications you promised?
• Are you meeting your timelines?
• Are you talking too many technical or commercial risks?
• Are your properly documenting your designs and tests?
• Are you learning with every project you execute?
Check the key elements of the design, planning, execution, control and closure phrases of your development projects.

Increase your producitivity and maximize your design and development results!

Use structured methods to describe your products and devised solutions before you start codign software or building prototypes. Learn the keys to minimize delays, to comply with budgets and above all to strengthen your project team as the learn with every project.
Oriented to area managers, project managers, design and development engineers, software engineers and professionals in engineering and services that are taking part in applied research, design and development projects.


Preparation of winning proposals.

• Are you being awarded all the contracts you should?
• Do all your proposals have a similar quality?
• When preparing a quotation, are your talking due care of the involved risk?
• Is your company learning with every bid you issue?
The same effort you place on a business proposal preparation process could be much more profitable!
• Interactive full day seminar, containing conceptual material and practical exercises based on real proposals, designed to strengthen the technical and commercial management of the company business proposals.
• Iruebted ti area managers to the process of preparation of a B2B proposal, considering the key aspects requested by the customer and the real capabilities and resources of the company.

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