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Integrating the ExO concepts into a new working model for companies…

Author: M. Antonio Manterola B.

We´re seeing an exponential growth of new technologies, with huge impacts in business and in our daily lives. This represents a significant opportunity for all types of companies, especially for those operating in the turmoil where several new technologies come together (fintech, big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, IoT, 5G, new power sources, to name a few).

But this fact alone doesn´t assure that any technological company will achieve high speed growth. Generating business with 10x factors implies changing the way we see companies. The main change of paradigm is to extend the operation of the firm much further than its physical perimeter, to include distributed platforms, assets, and resources, as well as to truly engage communities and crowds in the company’s success.

The company needs to follow a transcendent purpose, with the power to seduce many people into the corporate dream, bringing in their own work, passion, and assets to the formula. This is what really paves the way to scaling and obtaining a 10x performance.

In this paper, we review how the ExO components can be integrated into a new working model of the firm, to help managing it towards a better performance and to fast growth.

K MAMB ExO and the model of the firm


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